Saturday, January 28, 2017

ColorStudy Homework

Color Study for Vicky and Misa. Complete 3 color studies from the reference photos below. Below is an example of a finished color study. You do not need more information than in the example.
Focus on color and light logic. Make sure you have a convincing environment. For the figure, be sure to show a light and shadow side of the volumes. Post your 3 studies to the blog before class.

Tuesday, January 3, 2017

Class Introduction & Material List

Class Summary:
This class is recommended for an advanced level student with prior experience in short pose/ gesture drawing. 
This class will cover most on a long pose, costume exploration, head and hands, direct observation as well as the effects of light and shade are emphasized.

Class Goal:
The class goal is for a student to gain the ability to draw the portrait, hand/feet, human body with Charcoal, water color, guache and digital media with different color schemes on the model. The model most always is in costume. Other painting mediums and methods are more than welcome and can be explored.

Class Curriculum:
*Long poses: 1 to 2 poses per session. Focus on accurate charcoal drawings. Proportion, shapes, anatomy, structure. Heads, hands and feet. Charcoal on newsprint or charcoal paper with vine charcoal. Digital painting/drawing is always welcome.
*After charcoal and approved work: students can use watercolor or gouache, or color with digital painting. Students will also be able to explore styles(animation) and other mediums.

*Homework will focus on fundamentals/accuracy. Heads/portraits, hands, and anatomy. After enough approved assignments, character designs will be assigned.

Recommended for:
Illustration, Fine Arts, Entertainment, Graphic Design, Industrial Design.

Materials List:
Please click on each material list to see embedded link

1. Smooth Newsprint 18"x24"
2. 4B-soft Generals charcoal pencils(6)
3.  Sandpaper
4.  Utility knife for sharpening
5.  Drawing Board18"x24"
6.  Kneaded Eraser

*Additional material will be announced during class hour.

Below: Instructor example